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Wooden Baby Swing

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Wooden Baby Swing


Miniaturka Wooden Baby Swing (2)Miniaturka Wooden Baby Swing (3)Miniaturka Wooden Baby Swing (4)Miniaturka Wooden Baby Swing (5)Miniaturka Wooden Baby Swing (6)Miniaturka Wooden Baby Swing (7)

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Wooden Baby Swing
11142 | Discovery
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  • LineDiscovery
  • Width390 cm
  • Length34 cm
  • Height243 cm
  • Critical falling height140 cm
  • Falling surfaceRequired
  • Age1+
Base material
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  • Isometric view
  • Front view
  • Top view
  • 2D files 11142_2D.dwg
We are presenting  wooden swing designed specifically for younger children. Baby Swing from the Pioneer line is ideal choice for kids playground attended by toddlers from the first year of life. It is extremely durable and robust construction.

This Swing set is placed on solid wooden frame, is weather resistant and blends well with the surrounding. Double baby seat in form of a basket has secured backrest and safe for a small children edges, preventing them from falling out. Toddlers can play here with the help of parents, that do not have to worry about the comfort, nor safety of the offspring.

The Wooden Baby Swingis a perfect example of  wooden outdoor playset to be installed in park playground, residential areas or kindergartens, where swings for kids are always welcomed. HIC has 140 cm, it is necessary to use safe playground tiles.